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Cinzia Tani is a journalist, writer and television and radio programme hostess. In 1987 she published her first novel “Sognando California” (California Dreaming) with the people at Marsilio, together with the satirical essay “Premiopoli” (lit: “Awardopolis”). During the same period she began a close collaboration with Rai, the Italian national broadcasting company, as linkswoman for the programme “Mixer Cultura”.

1991 marked another important milestone for her literary career, with the publication of the novel “I mesi blu” (The Blue Months) (Marsilio), which won her the Orient Express Award and the Award of the Italian Prime Minister’s Office.

Between 1991 and 1995 she authored and hosted several television programmes for Raitre, “Chi è di scena”, “L’occhio sul cinema” and “Fantastica-Mente”. During the same period she also published several short stories and the essay “Fantastica Mente: paure e manie degli italiani” (Fantastically: the fears and manias of Italians), with Nuova ERI, written in collaboration with Giorgio M. Bressa.

In 1997 she authored and hosted – together with Giordano Bruno Guerri – “Italia mia benché”, a live culture programme for Raitre. Then in 1998 she worked on the programmes “Tempo futuro”, “Chiedi chi erano i Beatles” and “I protagonisti dello spettacolo” and, in 2000, “Calepio-Tecnologie della lingua”.

During the same period she published – with Longanesi – “Dalla Russia alla Russia” (From Russia to Russia), a biography of princess Irene Galitzine, and authored and hosted a radio version for Radio Tre of the programme “Due sul tre”. She also hosted a radio version of “FantasticaMente” which was run for two years on RadioDue and for three years on RadioUno, where it is currently still broadcast every Saturday at 12.30 pm.

From 1998 to date she has published several works with Mondadori, includingAssassine (Murderesses: four centuries of assassinations with a female touch), Coppie assassine (Murdering couples: couples that kill out of hatred or love, for money or perverse pleasure) and Nero di Londra (London Black: twenty stories of blood, love and mystery), as well as several short stories on important daily newspapers and weekly magazines. She has also published – with Rai-ERI – in collaboration with Luigi De Maio, “Come vivere FantasticaMente con cento paure” (How to live Fantastically with one hundred fears). Again with Luigi De Maio she wrote “Amori al bivio” (Loves at a crossroads), published by Sperling & Kupfer (2002).

In 1999 she began collaborating with Rai International, first hosting the weekly programme “Questa Italia – Cinema”, also broadcast in Italy on Raidue, and later, during the 2000-2001 season, the daily version of “Questa Italia”, the main cultural programme of the Italian international network.  In 2001 she authored and hosted the television programme “Assassine”, on Rai Uno, and again for Rai International – together with Fabrizio Gatta – she hosted the new Saturday night show “Brava Gente”, which will also be broadcast throughout the 2002-2003 season. Starting from January 2002, she has also been hosting the programme “La Rai a la carte” for Rai Educational, whose satellite channel acts as a pay TV on Saturdays and Sundays and broadcasts the popular programmes of the past.

Cinzia Tani has also contributed to several magazines, including “Cosmopolitan”, “Donna più”, “Grazia”, “Storia Illustrata”, “Gioia” and “Il Sabato”, and was editor of the monthly magazines “Elite” and “Firma”.

In 2002 she made her debut as a comic strip writer for Lancio Story, adapting the stories from her books “Assassine”, “Coppie Assassine” and “Nero di Londra” for the “True crime Stories” series.

Cinzia Tani also teaches private creative writing classes and will be teaching a course, during the 2002-2003 academic year, in the “Social History of Crime” at the Faculty of Sociology of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.

Amori crudeli” (Cruel Loves) has been published by Mondadori in September 2003.

I segreti delle donne ” (Women Secrets) written with Luigi De Maio, has been published by Sperling & Cupfer in october 2004.

The Novel “L’Insonne” (The Insomniac) has been published by Mondadori in September 2005.