The Masterpiece

cinzia tani the masterpieceUshuaia, 1978. Cristina Torres is a beautiful twenty eight year old mountain guide on the glaciers. She comes home after a hike to discover her mother killed and her father missing, while another mysterious murder happens in the supposedly quiet little town in Tierra del Fuego. There’s a very special relationship between Cristina and her father ever since he adopted her at the age of five to raise her with boundless love and dedication, for her to become his own “masterpiece”. Determined to find him no matter what, Cristina sets out for a journey that will take her through a country oppressed by Videla’s dictatorship, from Patagonia to Buenos Aires.
In parallel we follow the story of Dominic Klammer, a neurologist taking part in the Aktion T4 project in Hartheim Castle, trying to oppose the protocol aimed at elimination of mental patients. His silent, underhand battle allows him to save many lives. In 1945, when bombings are storming Berlin and the Russians approaching, Dominic meets sweet Magdalena who saves him from the wreckage. His life is at a turning point.
Meanwhile, in Buenos Aires, Cristina settles at her friend’s Manuela and carries on the search for her father and her mother’s killer, somewhat helped by Andrès, an Ushuaia policeman in love with her all along. Manuela’s brother Niklas is a guy of dark fascination, a member of the Montoneros rebels taking action against the military: Cristina is attracted to him, enough to get in trouble.
From World War II to the Falklands affair in the early Eighties, Cinzia Tani’s novel develops with her customary ability and passion. The characters’ lives uncoil, converging and entwining, in the foreground of an accurate intensely spirited historic scenario, amidst adventurous turns of events, in a swirling relentless chase to the breathtaking finale.